guild 2010 015.jpgClassical ballet training by professional teachers offered through level VI. If your child is 7 years or older, we suggest you start with Beginning Ballet.

Beginning Ballet

Ballet I

Ballet II

Ballet III
* Ballet III requires students to take class twice per week as well as technical
Ballet IV
* Ballet IV requires students to take class three times per week as well as technical
Ballet V
* Ballet V requires students to take class three times per week as well as technical
Ballet VI
* Ballet VI requires students to take class three times per week as well as technical

Ballet students with previous experience will be placed in classes with increasing difficulty as they progress and master important concepts. Students are not necessarily advanced each year, nor are they moved consecutively.

Pointe Conditioning

This class is designed to strengthen feet and muscles in order to execute accurate pointe work. Pointe Conditioning involves working in the pool. This class requires 2 ballet classes, swimsuit, a Thera-Band, towel and permission of Director.

Pointe I & II

Pointe is designed for intermediate and advanced students wishing to continue development and performance in ballet. Prerequisites include Ballet IV, V or VI, and permission of Director.

Repertoire I & II

Pointe students learn and embrace the numerous classical ballet variations and performance styles of leading choreographers around the world. This class is required for all Pointe students. Practice tutus required.

Ballet Technique Class

A graded technique program. Students are examined by the Cecchetti Council of America (CCA) and the Royal Academy of Dancing, London (RAD). Both methods are required for Level III and up. Highly recommended for all dancers ages 6 and up. All tech classes require an open ballet class for practical application.

Adult Ballet

Designed for the adult who has had little or no ballet training. Adult Ballet concentrates on basic ballet positions, body alignment, and dance terminology. Excellent for fitness!

* Classes and all age groups not always offered.
* Nutcracker requires 2 Ballet classes – 8 years old and up. Continuing training through the summer is strongly encouraged to prepare students for fast approaching auditions!



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