Policies and Our Mission Set the Foundation

Belliston Academy of Ballet & Dance exists to help children become wonderfully well-rounded, happy, healthy, successful, and goal-oriented adults. The Academy is home to a community environment where children can learn the mastery of dance from dedicated and highly qualified professionals – whether it’s just for fun or to pursue a professional career.

The Academy’s attention to detail sets the foundation for the next generation’s success for years to come.


Students are expected to attend all classes. Progress depends upon regular and consistent participation!

All students are expected to arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start and are expected to be in the appropriate dance studio on time.  Students entering class late for any reason may be asked to observe the class.


Absences are excused when the absence is phoned into or emailed to the office. Excused absences may be made up in another class at the same or lower level

Substitute Teachers

Due to community involvement, illness, or personal reasons, substitute teachers will be utilized on occasion.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are placed on the lower level by the vending machine. Items not claimed will periodically be sent to a charitable organization.

The Eatery

The Eatery is a small space with refrigerators and microwaves located on the lower level across from The Dancer’s Closet.  Students may enjoy dinner or snacks in this area and are asked to clean up after themselves.  No food is allowed in the dance studios or in the dressing room.

General Studio Rules

  • NO gum, smoking, or drinking is allowed in the building at any time.
  • Students may not leave class without permission.
  • Students are not allowed in the dance studio without a teacher present.
  • Valuables should not be left in dressing room.
  • Belliston Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items!
  • All students must wear cover-up clothing while entering and leaving the building!