Is Yoga For You? By Cynthia Blanco-Mathers

Modern day Yoga at its best is a practice that can bring a person into complete balance by integrating mind, body and breath. Some other common benefits include weight loss, increased strength and flexibility, better focus, more awareness and even enlightened experiences of unity. A typical Yoga class consists of mainly physical postures designed in […]

5 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Barre Fitness by Carol Webber and adapted by Dena Cronholm

Maybe you’ve seen barre fitness classes cropping up in your area. Typically barre class is a combination of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and functional training, and class is choreographed and taught to motivating, beat-driven music. Barre class is definitely trending, so should you try it? Here’s 5 reasons to say, “Yes!” Barre classes are FUN, but they also […]

Why Exams by Jennifer Shinefeld and adapted by Dena Cronholm

Why exams? This question gets asked often, even by teachers. Dance exams are a valuable tool we as students, teachers and parents can use to understand the progression of students becoming dancers. They lend a unique third-party credibility to the teaching method, while removing a great deal of subjectivity from the judgement of progression. And finally, they ensure […]

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