Fees are based upon the number of hours a student studies each week and are charged monthly. All fees are subject to change.

Monthly Tuition

Hours of Class Per Week1.
Monthly Tuition Rate$75$90$115$130$150$165$185$200$220$235$255$270$285$300$315$330$345$360$375$390

Annual Fees

Annual Fees  
Annual Registration Fee $60
Drop-In Class Change 1.0 Hours
1.5 Hours
Private Training0.5 Hour
1.0 Hour
Adult Fitness ProgramSingle Class
5-Punch Card
10-Punch Card

Additional Fees

Additional fees will be charged for examinations in RAD and CCA, participation in the Denver Ballet Guild competition, costume purchase or rental for Spring Show, auditions for Nutcracker, workshops or special classes.


Payment by Automatic Bank Account Debit or Automatic Credit Card Charge

Tuition will be debited from your bank account or charged to your credit card on the 1st day of each month from September-June.  Payments are only accepted by pre-authorized automatic monthly payment.  Certain incidental fees, such as recital tickets or photo fees, must be paid by check or cash. Tuition uncollected by the 8th of the month will be assessed a $15 late charge. Outstanding balances may be turned over to a debt collector.  Any legal fees incurred from the collections of bad debts will be the responsibility of the account holder. Any unpaid fees that extend beyond the due date, such as: exam fees, show fees, competition fees, elite team fees, private coaching fees, and costume fees will also be auto-debited to the account on file.

Missed Classes and Make-up Lessons

No make-up classes will be given for missed classes unless absence is due to serious illness and 24 hour notice has been given to the school office. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR MISSED LESSONS. School activities such as trips, sports or other programs do not qualify for make-up lessons.  Also, school district holidays or breaks that differ from school closures for holidays or other breaks do not qualify for make-up lessons.

Attendance and Lateness

Belliston Academy reserves the right to require students to sit out a class should they arrive late.   Repeated lateness may result in termination of lessons.  A minimum attendance level will be required.  Don’t use class time for discussions with teachers.  Make arrangements for discussions at another time.  If a student misses more than 4 classes without written notices, the school reserves the right to terminate lessons.  Students missing more than 4 classes of any particular class after January will not be allowed to participate in the year-end dance recital, festivals or competitions.  Parents and adult students are to be aware that the school will use qualified substitutes when necessary.

Dropping Classes/Vacations

A 30-day written AND verbal notice is mandatory. All drop notifications must be done through the office and not with the teacher.  Withdrawal forms are due in the office by the 7th of the month prior to the month classes are to be discontinued. If the required notification is not received, tuition will be required for that month.


All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous and responsible manner.  Belliston Academy reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student, with no tuition refund, whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory.  Anyone found destroying property will be held financially responsible and will face immediate dismissal from Belliston Academy.