Attendance and Tardiness

At Belliston Academy, we believe progress depends upon regular and consistent participation!

All students are expected to arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start and are expected to be in the appropriate dance studio on time.


If your dancer will be absent from class, we ask that you submit their absence on Parent Portal or by emailing the office at admin@bellistonacademy.com
Please indicate the date(s) your dancer will be absent and include the reason. Belliston Academy does NOT offer make-up classes. No refunds are given for missed classes.

Because of the collaborative nature of the classes, absences are highly discouraged. If there are more than 4 classes without written notices, the school reserves the right to terminate lessons.  Students missing more than 4 classes of a performance class after February will not be allowed to participate in the year-end dance recital for that class.


Belliston Academy reserves the right to require students to sit out a class should they arrive late. Repeated tardiness may result in termination of lessons.

Substitute Teachers

Due to community involvement, illness, or personal reasons, substitute teachers will be utilized on occasion.

Behavior Expectations

Belliston Academy of Ballet & Dance exists to help children become wonderfully well-rounded, happy, healthy, successful, and goal-oriented adults. Our high standards of excellence and commitment are what make Belliston Academy unique. A student’s success is directly related to working hard and achieving the goals that are given in a supportive environment, both at Belliston and at home. The Academy’s attention to detail sets the foundation for the next generation’s success for years to come.


Students must come to class prepared and ready for success. This includes wearing the appropriate class attire and shoes, brining all necessary materials and being accountable for knowing previous instruction to the best of their ability.


Students contribute to our community with a kind and positive attitude.


Students are expected to arrive to dance on time and prepared. Absences and tardiness should be limited so dancers can maximize their time in class.


All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous and responsible manner. Belliston Academy reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student, with no tuition refund, whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory. Anyone found destroying property will be held financially responsible and will face immediate dismissal from Belliston Academy.

General Studio Rules and Policies

NO gum, smoking, or drinking is allowed in the building at any time.
Students may not leave class without permission.
Students are not allowed in the dance studio without a teacher present.
Valuables should not be left in dressing room or cubbies.
Belliston Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items!
All students must wear cover-up clothing while entering and leaving the building!

Class Observation

Belliston Academy has a closed classroom policy, meaning that parents are NOT allowed to observe their dancer during class.

In our experience, students perform to a greater potential when there are fewer distractions in the classroom. Parents are welcome to observe their dancer in class the week before Thanksgiving Break and the week before Spring Break.

See the Events Calendar for complete details.

In December, we also offer our Pre-Dance students an opportunity to participate in our Dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy, a performance open to parents and guest-starring the Sugar Plum Fairy and other notable cast members from Belliston’s production of The Nutcracker.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are placed on the upper level above the cubbies in the hallway. Items not claimed will periodically be sent to a charitable organization.

The Eatery

The Eatery is a small space with refrigerators and microwaves located on the lower level across from The Dancer’s Closet. Students may enjoy dinner or snacks in this area and are asked to clean up after themselves. No food is allowed in the dance studios or in the dressing room.

Dropping Classes

All classes have a two month minimum. A 30-day written notice is mandatory through a "Change of Account Form". All drop notifications must be emailed to admin@bellistonacademy.com. A "Change of Account Form” is due in the office by the 7th of the month prior to the month classes are to be discontinued. If the required notification is not received, tuition will be required for that month.

Refund Policy

Belliston does not offer refunds for tuition, exams, performances, costumes or camps. Depending on the cancellation, a Belliston account credit will be applied.

In the event of a cancellation, any payment plans will continue to operate as scheduled until payment is paid in full according to the amount due.

Change of Account Form (PDF)

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