Kristal B.

"We returned to Belliston after a couple of years away from dance and are incredibly impressed. The quality of instruction and professionalism from teachers, owners and studio staff has been great.

My daughter is so happy to have Belliston as her dance home and the amount of growth we have seen in her both in and out of the studio in a very short time has been nothing less than exceptional. When anyone is in a space that feels supportive and nourishing, growth is only natural. Belliston is that space for my daughter."

Nicola W.

"Our daughter joined Belliston Academy nearly 2 years ago. It is an incredible place. Not only does she receive superior instruction, she is taught skills that will set her up for life (hard work, perseverance, resilience, and the incredible joy of being part of a team). The studio culture is exceptional - very inclusive and positive. Belliston has become like a second family to us."

Cindy S.

"My daughter began taking classes at Belliston Academy when she was 9 years old. She began with 2 classes a week, but kept increasing, because the more she took, the more she loved it. The passion she has for dance was fostered by the current and former professional dancers that she had as instructors there. She was accepted into their Pre-Professional program at age 12 and continued in this exceptional program until she graduated from high school and moved on to start her own professional career in ballet.

She loved the different styles of dance in all of her classes and how they worked together to make her a well rounded dancer. Many life skills were learned such as time management, a strong work ethic, how to work as a team, and she developed life-long friendships as well.

As a parent, I am forever grateful for Belliston Academy’s influence on my daughter’s life."

Lisa D.

"My daughter is 4 & just started the predance class last month. So far we have been very impressed with Belliston. She is learning so many elements of dance. Her teacher has been wonderful. I haven’t been able to observe yet, but I love that her teacher plays lots of Disney songs & other music that this age group enjoys. They have some fun events coming up for the holidays. In a couple of weeks they will wear their Halloween costumes to class. I know my daughter will be thrilled."

Jeff S.

"Belliston Academy has exceeded my expectations. My daughter is blossoming as a dancer but more importantly she is growing into a better person thanks to the guidance of this incredible organization. The instructors and staff are caring, compassionate and dedicated to making each of their students embrace their full potential."

Jennifer M.

"We recently signed our 3yr old daughter up for the Predance class, and have nothing but a great experience!! The staff is always friendly and excited to see the girls. My daughter counts down the days every week till her next class!"

Kati R.

"I danced at this studio for over 15 years! It was a second home to me and I couldn't be more grateful to Jeannine. I made lifelong friends, got a great dance education, learned valuable life lessons and wouldn't have traded a minute of it."

Emmy W.

"I have been going to Belliston since I was 3 years old and last night I danced in my final Spring Show. This studio isn't only an amazing school of dance with excellent training but it's been a second home to me where I've met some of the most inspiring and loving people of my life. Thank you Belliston for all the support and skills you have given me that I can take and use in all my future endeavors!!"

Melissa G.

"We have been part of the Belliston family for 7 years. My daughter started taking pre dance classes when she was entering kindergarten and she is now in the Trainee Scholarship Program as a middle school student. Belliston is not just a neighborhood dance studio, it is family. The teachers and staff wrap love and care around each and every dancer that walks through the door. The dancers experience so much personal growth as they work towards goals for their exams, Spring Show and Nutcracker. We couldn't imagine being part of any other dance community.

Kristin B. 

"I can’t say enough good things about Belliston Academy, from the dedicated teachers to the exquisite technique taught it really is the best. I have been fortunate to experience Belliston Academy as both a dancer and now a parent. I have watched my daughter grow and thrive for the past 9 years at Belliston. From her very first pre dance class to her first class en pointe, she has loved every second of the many, many hours spent in the studio.  It is wonderful to see each generation learn the same responsibility and perseverance that was ingrained in myself during my training at Belliston. It is not just dance steps that are taught here, but a foundation for success.
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The Academy is home to a community environment where children can learn the mastery of dance from dedicated and highly qualified professionals – whether it’s just for fun or to pursue a professional career.

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